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A fact sheet to help you with your baby


• Your baby’s needs
• Crying
• Sleeping
• Safe sleep
• Bathing your baby
• Teeth and teething
• Immunisation
• Play
• Reading

Early Years Learning Framework Parents Guide


• Play is learning
• Relationships are key
• Watching your child’s progress
• Working together

Participating in your child care service

Immunisation is important for children

Nutrition in Child Care

Separation anxiety

Babies over six months may cry from being uncomfortable or hungry, or because they remember you when you are not there and they want you. They gradually learn that you are there for them and you won’t leave them for long, so they start to feel safe when you are not there, but this takes time.

Often babies at this age wake at night or are harder to put to bed because they miss you and they don’t yet understand that you always come back.

You can help by:

  • always letting them know when you leave them – wave goodbye – and let them know when you return
  • playing little games such as peek-a-boo to help them get used to your going and coming
  • leaving them only with people they know well and feel safe with
  • putting a bed in their room or putting their cot in your room if you need to get some sleep as well

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