Background for Brand Change

Mareeba Childcare and Kindergarten Inc. is a not-for-profit business administered by a volunteer management committee. The business has three locations in Mareeba – Dunlop Street, Constance Street and Hastie Street. The Dunlop and Constance Street Centres offer long day care as well as an approved Kindergarten program. The Hastie Street centre provides out of hours school care and vacation care.

Mareeba Childcare & Kindergarten has been operating as a community based organisation for in excess of 30 years in the Mareeba community and it is the largest early learning business within the district.

The management committee together with the staff of Mareeba Childcare and kindergarten have been focussed in the past 12 months on strengthening the business and ensuring it remains the leading childcare provider in the Mareeba Community. Part of this work has focused heavily on the branding and identity of the organisation with the results showing that the centres are more commonly referred to by their street names, rather than the business name. It was felt that within the broader community there was some confusion around the branding and identity of the organisation and the fact that all three centres are part of the same organisation.

The management and committee members believe the time is right to review the future direction of the business, including the branding and marketing of Mareeba Childcare and Kindergarten Inc., in light of increasing demand for services, changing market demands and new trends in the child care industry.

Why the Change?

We are the longest serving Childcare Centre in Mareeba, been since 1981 – 33 years.

Changing the name and brand of the business reflects on our past successes and looks to future planning for our children.

Our new name – ‘Mareeba Kids Campus’ enables the business to focus on the future, the next 30 years of providing care for kids in Mareeba District. We cater for 0 years to 17 years in our licence, the only provider in Mareeba that does so. Our marketing and branding is a strong part of our business and our point of difference in caring for kids from birth to early adult age is integral to our parents.

What it means:

  • A professional look that matches the reputation and the business ie: our experience and expertise of the longest and largest childcare centre in the Mareeba district
  • The business name now matches the suite of points of differences and services that the three centres offer. Est. 1981 is one of our major advantages when talking with parents, they like and expect professional care with an experienced team
  • More diverse services on offer for parents – we have pooled our knowledge across the three sites, your kids have the combined staffing experience in care of excess of 200 years
  • Consistency across three sites for uniforms, stationery, signage
  • Sense of pride to our wonderful staff in new uniforms
  • Easier for all staff to promote and communicate with parents and community
  • Easier for community to understand suite of services on offer at each of the centres
  • A streamlined communication – staff, parents and community all know that all three centres are
  • one business, and they can now say Mareeba Kids Campus rather than a long and detailed name
  • with a street after it
  • More convenient services, with the introduction of online registrations, reporting changes,
  • requesting additional days, new parents portal, news and much more
  • Providing a sense of better community for the kids, they now belong to a much larger and
  • diverse pool of staff, services,
  • Looking to the future and implementing some planning, marketing now that will enable the
  • business to be successful, operate and continue to be the largest centre in Mareeba.
  • Parents will be a part of larger facilities, enabling access to our out of hours school care –
  • preferred placement will be given to existing Mareeba Kids Campus clients, ie: from our other centres

The community business has grown into three amazing sites over the past 30 years. We have grown enormously in this time, each centre today runs almost at 100% capacity.

We know that Mareeba Kids Campus actively contributes into the local economy as a major employer, our services also remain competitively priced with respect to our daily fees allowing more families to access day-care facilities and seek permanent employment?

In busy times we are finding more demand for care that allows our parents to be more flexible. This enables them to earn and contribute to our economy via jobs, owner businesses and other community ventures. Whether it is a job, community or simply need care to enable parents achieve their to do lists, our business is growing and we are the most experienced people to take care of your kids in the Mareeba District.

Whilst our success in creating three centres has seen this community business service thrive, we saw the opportunity to introduce practical and strategic solutions to all three centres.

With the appointment of a never before new position, in our General Manager Tanya Piggott, we have enabled the business to become increasingly efficient at delivering quality services. In turn, this has allowed us to limit fee increases and investment in significant improvements at each of our three centres. The business is on a sustainable financial footing, allowing us to grow our services and explore new opportunities.

With the successful operation of our three centres, a part of our strategic planning was then to focus on our brand and marketing. We operate three centres, where often our parents and community are not familiar with our other services, centres or how they might engage and take advantage of these.

As with any business, it is important to remain viable and competitive to remain fresh and focused on future opportunities. In line with our new name, our major announcement is we are expanding significantly in our out of school & vacation care services. We currently have a waiting list of varying numbers at any time, don’t wait if you are interested in being involved in this new service. Interested parties can jump online www to register for our new centre care, first in best dressed.

We believe that memorable kids care shapes their futures. Should they have great, fond memories during their early care and education years, they gain better qualities that helps them succeed and adapt in life.

We surveyed our parents and staff recently, over 90% of responses stated – happy and safe kids is their priority when it comes to placing their kids in care. Mareeba Kids Campus keeps this close to our hearts, your kids are happy at Mareeba Kids Campus.